Dec 19

We Did It!

OMG, we bought a boat! That’s going to be the name of my broker and surveyor’s next book. You must be thinking, “living the dream”, well let me tell you, it’s downright overwhelming. There is so much to learn that often we don’t know where to start or look next.   Their book should be a bestseller with the boat owner newbies crowd.

While we moved the boat from Ft. Lauderdale to the southwest coast of Florida (roughly 300 miles) when we bought her in early October, we’ve been staying in Burnt Store Marina fixing her up for a long slog back down to the Keys, and who knows where we will go next. So while we want to “untie the lines” from the marina, there is a long punch list to prioritize and work through to get her ready. At some point, you figure you will never get it all done, so you just go sailing, and fix whatever becomes the new priority in the next harbor.

After we sold all of our stuff in Dallas, moved to Florida with the the dog, and bought a boat, life has been quite different. Fortunately we still have access to a condo even though we are living on the boat, and we still have our car. Condo access runs out this week, but selling the car this next month is going to be the most difficult pill to swallow. The dog has learned how to climb a ladder (the companionway is pretty steep), but her descent is more like a flying leap after the first couple of rungs.

The best part so far has been the comaradarie of our fellow liveaboard sailors.   Everyone goes above and beyond to help their neighbors and share food and drink. A couple from Fredericksburg who was introduced to us via a mutual friend decided to make a stop in Burnt Store Marina. While we had never met them prior to their stop in the marina, you would think we had known each other for life. Another couple from Panama City, FL, were here for awhile, but they have moved on to Marathon. We miss them like family members. We have learned that cruisers really help each other out, it’s like a better version of the 1950’s in surburbia America.

This whole process of getting where we are today with our lifestyle has been quite a ride. Things that happened in June of this year seem like 5 years ago. So much has changed, I think we’ve changed too, I like to think we are more like June and Ward Cleaver (without the coat, tie and high heels) than we were. We still have so much to learn!

I hear the blowing of the conch shells, the sun must be setting, time for a sundowner…