Jan 03

Changing Tides

Happy New Year 2016! I didn’t make any resolutions this year since my life is changing by the day. Since Christmas, Mike and I have been lavishly entertained by our Burnt Store Marina neighbors, while we feverishly try to prepare for our voyage south. The goal was not to stay in the marina forever; it was to travel and live on the hook (anchor close to land), so preparations had to be made.

Boat ownership is a complex thing. You want to just “untie the lines” and set sail to the deep blue yonder, but the reality is there are lists of “must do’s”, “need to do’s”, and “nice to have’s”. I suppose when we bought the boat I figured we would be working on the “nice to have” list, but we’ve narrowed it down to the “must do’s” since that nasty cold front that has been moving throughout the country is headed our way.

The reality is that the boat “to do” list will never go away. We’ll always be adding to and subtracting things off it. It’s a common saying around these parts that “Boat” stands for “bring out another thousand”.

Sailing away to distant places means having to give up some luxuries. Luxuries like a car. Yes, we sold the car this week.   I did some major provisioning before the car drove off into the sunset.   Fortunately I have Monica to help pave the way since she has traveled down this road about 3 months ago, and I have to trust her instincts. As far as provisioning, she did convince me that yes, the boat will “swallow” way more than I thought it would. And she was also very convincing about going “overboard” (in my mind) as to what I need to buy.   The reality hit when we actually went shopping and the thought kept going through my mind that once the car was sold, I had no easy way to get to the store!

As far as the new year goes, on Friday, January 1st, we sold the car. On the 2nd, we said goodbye to our friends, and the dolphins ushered us to a nearby island. One the 3rd day of the new year, we had planned to sail to Key West or Marathon, but rain hampered our progress and we are now sitting at the southern tip of Pine Island, Florida.

My new years resolutions are just to keep on doing what I have started with no real agenda or timetable to take me there, and enjoy each day for as long as it will last.